**Update – I’m back! But the links were dead, so I was unable to resume development. As such, I have started over from scratch! Wish me luck!**

About Project Kit

Project Kit is the codename I have given my first RPG which I am making with RPG Maker VX Ace.

This blog is centered on the game, its updates, and any additional information about the game, or possible sequels.

At this time the demo is available to all visitors and can be downloaded completely free of charge without needing to register or give any information.

Those who wish to may sign up for Beta Testing. All those who wish to sign up for Beta Testing are urged to read the disclaimer below and the Privacy Policy which you can view via the link at the top of the page.

Those who wish to may make donations at any time. This is completely optional. Donations of $25 or more will result in a spot in the credits as a contributor.


RPG Maker VX Ace, its name, logo and brand along with RGSS3, its name, logo and brand are owned by another company. I cannot control any changes made to their program, nor can I guarantee that Project Kit will remain active if changes beyond my control should occur which would limit or prohibit my use of the program(s). Additionally, I reserve the right to discontinue development of the game and/or access to the website for all users at my own discretion.

All secondary scripts found within Project Kit and any other games featured here are property of their respective owners, unless otherwise stated. Credit will be given, but neither the author nor myself will be held responsible for any damages to a user’s computer, health, or any other possible damages. (Just to protect those who made it possible for me to make this game)

All files linked to you are provided as is, as such I waive all liability to damages, no matter their nature. (Just to protect myself)

By downloading any files through links found on this website you accept the terms stated above.

Basically, have fun!


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